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"Those Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

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Service Description

An Operations Management System is a collection of processes and procedures that enables a company (to?) effectively and profitably, manage business practices which achieve the highest level of efficiency with day-to-day operations. At the most fundamental level, operations management is a discipline that consists of five general functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Whether it’s for your company, your team or your family; “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” • Provide a one hour, FREE, no obligation consultation to discuss OFIs identified from your submitted questionnaire and come up with a plan to address and solve those OFIs. (i.e. COR preparation, Quality manual, Procedures manual, ERP, Planning, Controlling, Staffing) (if possible, as well as consentual, a tour of your facility which will provide a hands on view and insight) • Provide assistance improving and / or creating your company’s Operations Management System including;  COR (Certificate of Recognition) preparation  Quality Manual  Quality Procedures Manual  Daily Job Hazard Assessments (JHAs)  Emergency Response Program and Plans  Incident / accident reporting  Root cause analysis

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