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Serving the province of Alberta, MJM Business Systems Solutions is a results-oriented company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


With over 75 years of combined experience in Health & Safety, Operations, Bookkeeping and Payroll, our team is dedicated to providing detailed and assured business solutions.


Our objective is to contribute to your success by leveraging our knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to facilitate the implementation of Continuous Systems Improvements.

MJMBSS provides trusted business consultation, evaluations and solutions; including, OFI's (Opportunities For Improvements), with insight, experience, expertise and know-how in the areas of:

Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act

Health & Safety


Safety Manuals


Quality Manuals


Procedures Manuals


Emergency Preparedness


Operations (Including Relocations & Restorations)


Bookkeeping & Payroll


This is us!

Mark Meikle


H&S and Operations Services

As an individual who has reached a pivotal point in life, I've established my own company to share the valuable knowledge and experience gained throughout my personal journey towards success. With a focus on Operations and Safety, my two passions, I aim to impart these insights while upholding core values of respect and recognizing collective strengths.


I have achieved COR Certification and played an active role in developing processes and procedures leading to ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration, making me well-versed in implementing effective systems.


At 17, while working on a rural dairy farm, I learned about the intricate nature of producing a finished product. From milking cows to loading delivery trucks, I actively participated in every crucial task. However, due to a change in ownership, I sought new opportunities. I ventured into driving and delivery roles and eventually joined a prominent national courier company. Fascinated by the efficiency of package collection and delivery, I immersed myself in learning about various processes and procedures. Progressing from driver to supervisor, I gained valuable knowledge at each step.


In 1990, an international courier company offered me an Operations Manager position in Edmonton, Alberta, while embracing this opportunity, I delved into leadership and developed successful Operations Management Systems while appreciating the value of a robust Health and Safety Management System. Recognizing the interconnectedness of these systems, I found Alberta to be the ideal environment for an operations and safety-minded professional.


Throughout my career, I learned from seasoned professionals, including General Managers and Vice Presidents, while never forgetting my frontline worker roots. Interacting with frontline workers has been rewarding, and I attribute my achievements to their support. Having experience in various roles such as driver, loader, warehouse worker, dispatcher, Lead Hand, Supervisor, Manager, Terminal Manager and General Manager - I am now the proud owner of my own company.


My ultimate goal is to guide and empower individuals on their respective paths to achievement, by leveraging my knowledge, expertise and passion - I strive to assist others in attaining success.

Rebecca Peirson


Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

I am passionate about two things: Bookkeeping and Payroll; math and logic are my strong suits. The work I have done in various industries and with various companies over the years has given me invaluable experience to be able to assist business owners in identifying and streamlining processes to reduce administrative burden.


I have achieved the National Payroll Institute’s Payroll Compliance Professional certification and have worked in Payroll for over 20 years, continuously adapting to the ever-changing landscape of payroll as new legislation is introduced. Bookkeeping, while there has not been as much to adapt to over the years, my work experience has given me the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of bookkeeping and perform the more complex accounting entries.


Wanting to leave the service industry, I enrolled in a 2-year certificate program of Bookkeeping and Office Management at the Career College and right after graduation landed my first Accounts Receivable position with a manufacturing and importing company. This quickly transformed into Accounts Payable and Inventory Control roles, however I felt like I wanted to do more, not knowing what that “more” was.


It wasn’t until I accepted an Office Manager’s position that I was introduced to another piece of the bookkeeping puzzle – Payroll! This was the “more” I was looking for. I was hooked and soon began learning everything I could about payroll, compliance and legislation. My career path led me to focus solely on payroll for some time, however I missed being involved in the whole process and putting all the pieces together to prepare Financial Statements.


It was then that I decided to work as an independent contractor and provide my services, as either a bookkeeper, a payroll administrator or both depending on the needs of the client. I also worked 3 years in a public accounting firm, alongside accounting professionals to gain a better understanding of what happens after a full bookkeeping cycle has been completed and how I could better prepare the books for review.


I am committed to excellence in all that I do and to helping businesses achieve success.

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Mission & Vision


MJM Business Systems Solutions’ intent is to share the knowledge, wisdom and expertise acquired over 30 plus years in the areas of Health & Safety, Operations, Bookkeeping & Payroll, with its’ new and existing clientele so as to provide the tools and business systems they require so they can end their life sacrifices, for the sake of being a business owner.



MJM Business Systems Solutions’ vision is to become a trusted partner by developing practical and sustainable business systems solutions in the areas of Health & Safety, Operations, Bookkeeping & Payroll, thus making your new and existing business safer, more profitable and efficient.

Code of Ethics


I will treat my professional and personal relationships how I would want to be treated. Continuing to live by this rule even on the days I don’t feel my best, I will maintain the positive relationships I have created.


It’s true this is the best policy. To achieve respect toward my work and self; I must first exude honesty through my words and actions.


I will continue to find ways to improve anything I set forward to do by reinventing my brand. This helps different styled clients, with different styled ideas.


Working hard on educating myself to ensure my work will have the best quality possible, shows I care about my current and future clients because I want them to continue to work with me.


Holding myself accountable for those mistakes I make and learning from those mistakes will display not only my professional character, but my personal character as well.


I will maintain a positive attitude on a daily basis because my attitude reflects my work. A negative attitude results in negative outcomes in my work and my personal life.


To maintain a successful career and life, I must first be myself even if that means being different.


Within my seven core beliefs, they project not only being myself but being better every day while in a professional or personal setting. Although clients want a great product produced, they also want that same person they are working with to be a great individual outside of work. It’s crucial to be the best you can be to live a happy life.

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